Update Your Home to Match Your Lifestyle

Homeowners choose to remodel or renovate their home a number of reasons – sometimes our clients feel too confined or they feel their home is outdated. Other times, our clients buy a home for its “bones” but want to completely remodel the inside. A lot of times, they just need a change. Regardless of the reason, Renz Construction works to make the remodeling process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

An Experienced Team You Can Trust

We have done everything from building brand new homes to adding multi-level extensions onto existing homes. Whether a major, whole home remodel or a single-room renovation like kitchens and baths, our team is ready to help you turn your vision into a reality. Our clients control the budget and we execute their requests with quality craftsmanship. We even have an architect and interior designer available at any time to help make any new space both functional and beautiful.

Common Home Remodeling Projects

There are many ways to modernize your home so it is more aligned with your family and lifestyle. Many of our clients begin the remodeling process simply by wanting to update a space they spend the most time in. For some, it’s their bedroom or common living areas, for others, it’s the classic kitchen or bath remodel. No matter what you choose to update, the Renz Team is here to help make it happen!

Master Suites

Master Suites have become a popular update to many homes built prior to the 1970s. Many folks are looking to have a private area that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and some type of closet, allowing them to an area to get ready for day or night, without interruption. The unmatched privacy of a master bathroom and bedroom with the utility of a walk-in closet not only boosts the value of a home, it adds to the overall function and creates some much-needed separation of space.

Living and Recreation Areas

As life becomes faster paced, families are looking for better, more effective ways to spend time together. Many folks are looking to expand their regular living room or basement areas to include game rooms, high-tech entertainment areas, library rooms, craft areas, and even fitness rooms. Adding this type of function to your home allows you to invest in your own property, enhancing its value, while saving money on outside services.



Kitchens are a classic remodel. It seems like with every decade, new advancements have been made in appliance technology and in the way we cook and operate in a kitchen. If you’re buying a starter home or looking to update your forever home, an easy way to boost value and make life a little easier, is by updating the kitchen. Opening up the floor plan, adding space for appliances, and installing some higher-quality materials will help turn your kitchen into a brand new space.

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Luxury Bathrooms

Bathrooms have become the new statement room. Rather than the simple toilet, vanity, shower systems of the past, homeowners are looking to turn up the volume on their bathrooms, making them a private sanctuary. Soaking tubs, large walk-in showers, custom vanities, heated tile, wired speakers, and Wi-Fi are the new standard and we love helping our clients turn their bathroom dreams into real life oases.


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Because Renz Construction offers total customization services, our clients have the freedom to choose how they want to change their spaces while we work to seamlessly blend the new with the old. It’s time to see all the possibilities waiting for you in your home. Contact us today!