The advantages of being a custom homebuilder are many – we have direct control over the planning, project scope, and quality of work while allowing our clients to be as involved as they would like throughout the entire process. During our time in the industry, we have had the opportunity to work on all styles of project, honing in on our process and staying up-to-date with current trends. From custom sheds to luxury homes and everything in between, we have the experience to turn your project into a reality. Check out our services below:

Whole Home Remodeling

Building a new home can feel overwhelming if you don’t have the right resources and contractors to help guide you through the experience from the foundation to the finishing details. Renz Construction has developed strong relationships with reliable vendors and craftsmen to help you make the right decisions for your custom home and your budget. We have experience building both sprawling estates and family-friendly residential homes. We have in-house architects and designers, as well as our own expert craftsmen, to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

Sometimes our clients just want a change – a big change – and we step in to provide the best work possible for their home. Our whole home remodels include kitchen, living room, bedroom, and lower level updates. Whole home remodels allow continuity in design and style while also adding key updates to electrical and plumbing that can save major dollars down the road.

Growing families often reach out to us to build new additions for larger living rooms, nurseries, extended kitchens, or even new rooms for grandparents. We build new additions to meet any client needs and focus on both interior and exterior finishing that will blend in perfectly with the style and design of the existing structure.

Lower Level Remodeling

Updating or finishing a lower level or basement can add tremendous value to a home. Not only does it create new spaces for family and friends to share, but it adds more storage and organization. From bars to living rooms to new staircases, we have a lot of experience in turning unfinished basements into beautiful living areas.

Kitchen Remodeling

We started with kitchen remodels and they are still one of our favorite contracting projects. Bringing our clients’ dream kitchens to life is so much more than putting in the right cabinetry (which we are exceptional at, by the way). Our carpenters design and build custom kitchen islands from scratch, we assist in updating appliances and hookups, and ensure the new kitchen is both functional and stunning.

Garage and Exterior

Renz Construction knows that the exterior of a house is just as important as the interior. We have years of experience helping our clients design outdoor spaces and luxury entryways that perfectly complement their aesthetic. We also build custom garages complete with electric, water lines, security, wifi, world-class overhead doors, and paved drives.

Growing need for additional storage is a common concern for most homeowners. With hefty HOA restrictions and city permit requirements, what seems like a simple project can quickly become a pain point. Renz Construction specializes in custom-built sheds designed to blend in perfectly with neighboring structures and are functional and compliant.

We are proud to offer customer 3D architectural renderings to bring your vision to life. We work closely with our clients and architects to build the ultimate, interactive layout for their new home, addition, or garage.

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Renz Construction is proud to announce our partnership with Dream Build Developers, a residential renovation group dedicated to designing and renovating lake homes in our area to create move-in-ready masterpieces.