Greg was 12 years old when he first found his passion. He was sitting next to his father, also in the trade, riding in their work van on the way to the lumber yard. He looked over at his dad and realized he wanted to be just like him. At the time, he saw a respected man who knew a hard day’s work and knew how to be good to people and be good at what he does. As Greg grew up in the trade, he wanted to continue the proud tradition of quality craftsmanship, building and remodeling homes to help families feel safe and comfortable. He wanted to give people quality work that they could be proud of, that would last generations, just like his father.

Greg spends most of his time on project sites, working closely with the team. He enjoys new challenges and any builds that require a lot of customization – for Greg, the more detailed the work, the better. He also takes pride in teaching his team the tradition of stick framing in the right way. Greg believes in doing things the right way, the first time, and loves to see their projects come together.

When he’s not on the job, Greg loves spending time with their children, Mason and Isabella. Greg is also a major Wisconsin sports fan – he’s a Badger, Brewer, and Packer fan all the way! When he can find free time, he likes to spend time outside.




Wendy began her administrative career as an office manager for a fire protection company. It was there that she learned everything from customer service, to brokering deals. Her natural sense of humor and attention to detail were a perfect fit for clients when she and Greg started Renz Construction in 2008. Her tenacious attitude and drive helps to keep projects on time. Wendy often visits work sites to take detailed photos of projects to keep her clients in-the-know at all times.

Wendy meets with all team members of the project, from architects to engineers to clients, to make sure all projects run smoothly and to her standards. To ensure their clients have an amazing experience, Wendy tackles all the paperwork and expediting. From researching local codes to pulling permits, Wendy is the reason projects move forward quickly! Wendy acts on behalf of all their clients, going to local municipality meetings to get all permits and paperwork approved on-time.

When Wendy isn’t in the office or at the job site, she’s usually spending time with Greg, Mason, and Bella. Wendy loves gardening, walking their dog, Chewbacca, and taking in a movie with the whole family. Just like Greg, she’s an avid Wisconsin sports fan, and they all enjoy watching games together.




Mike brings over 14 years of experience to the team. He learned in high school that he had a passion for construction and took all the classes he could to support it. His favorite part of working as a carpenter is seeing the finished project.

When he’s not working with Renz Construction, he spends his time riding his motorcycle and fishing.



Andrew is a professional carpenter with over 25 years of experience and he’s spent the last eight years working with Renz Construction. Andrew started working with hand tools at a very young age with his dad. He discovered that he really liked building things out of wood and by the age of 14 he knew he wanted to make a profession out of it.

Andrew loves that he gets to use both his imagination and his hands to create things out of wood, that show the beauty of the material, and that are functional. It is very rewarding for him to see the end result. Some of his favorite projects involve custom decking. He enjoys all of the thought and calculation that goes into building decks that are the perfect fit for a home.

When Andrew isn’t on the job site, he is spending time working on his own woodworking projects including wood burning and wood carving. When he’s not pursuing his passion, he spends time kayaking, biking, and connecting with nature.


Renz Construction is proud to announce our partnership with Dream Build Developers, a residential renovation group dedicated to designing and renovating lake homes in our area to create move-in-ready masterpieces.

Dream Build Developers


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