This custom home office began as the second floor of a modest lake home. The original structure had two small bedrooms with lumber and stonework from the original build. Our clients’ vision was to turn this space into modern and convenient individual home offices to meet the unique needs of the husband and wife team.

Both offices required ample storage, several electrical outlets, large desk spaces, and a lot of natural light. To accomplish this goal, Renz Construction removed the original paneling; re-ran all of the electrical from the main unit out to the old cabin structure; put up fresh drywall, trim and moldings; added new lighting fixtures; painted the rooms; built custom desks and storage cabinetry, and brought in high-speed internet. To complete the space, we tore out old storage spaces throughout the floor and replaced them with custom storage, including a luxury armoire.

The new offices are now home to dual monitor computers and offer WiFi for all mobile devices. Each office has windows looking out onto the wooded property with plenty of light for the optimal working environment.

Pine Lake Custom Office Pine Lake Custom Office
Pine Lake Office Pine Lake Office
Pine Lake Office Pine Lake Office
Pine Lake Office Pine Lake Office

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