1913 Schoolhouse Office Renovation

In 2019, Renz Construction completed a total remodel on a school house originally built in 1913. We transformed the old school house into a mid-century modern set of offices with sectioned spaces for three businesses and organizations in the community.

To create the new space, we removed the old plaster walls to expose the original exterior brick; removed and replaced the old HVAC with a new, efficient system; framed new walls; reworked the floors; added new trim, moldings, and finishes; and installed several custom features throughout the building.

In order to achieve a mid-century feel for the new space, we worked closely with our clients to find the perfect finishing touches. We listened very closely to their design goals and worked to make sure every detail matched their vision. The final finishes included a retro electric fireplace, wall art, lighting fixtures, window treatments, and thoughtfully-selected furniture really pull the whole space together. As a nod to its original purpose as a school house, we refurbished and kept several aesthetic pieces like a series of in-set lockers, memorabilia, and trophy cases.

The new space now includes:

  • A set of custom offices
  • A custom, in-wall, exotic fish tank
  • A golf simulator
  • Custom personal offices
  • Custom shared offices
  • Nostalgic bathrooms
  • Beautiful seating areas
  • Custom workstations
  • Custom shelving to match work stations
  • Custom plant shelf
Schoolhouse cafeteria loft with book spine themed stairs, a slide, and swings hanging down from lofted space
Image of slide coming down from lofted space next to stairs
Photo showing series of vintage lunchboxes displayed on top of ledge

Old School 1913 Art & Recreation Space

The owners of this schoolhouse had a vision to create a fun space that community members can rent out for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, work events, group meetings, and whatever else they might need! They wanted to have a functional and creative space that helps adults and children alike feel at-home and inspired.

The Cafeteria

We started by renovating an old gym and stage area and turning it into what we call “The Cafeteria”. This flexible space includes a lofted area with a slide and extra seating, an open rec room-style lower floor with a set of swings and plenty of space for tables and seating, and a set of arcade games and popcorn maker for visitors. The rugged polished concrete floor makes this space perfect for high-energy activities and easy clean up. We kept the gym-feel of the original building and custom painted the walls to match the aesthetic. There is a gorgeous mural on one wall, exciting party lighting throughout, and a custom-painted staircase featuring decorative book spines.

The Gym

The 1913 Schoolhouse also features a completely renovated full-size gym complete with basketball courts, wood flooring, and all the regular school gym amenities. This fun, recreational space is perfect for physical fitness, fun, and games!

Check out https://www.oldschool1913.com/event-spaces for rental options!

Photograph of kids playing in the schoolhouse gym

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