Pine Lake Manor Custom Garage

Pine Lake Manor features a custom, extra-deep, three-car garage connected to the home for easy access. In fact, every aspect of this garage is designed to make things easier for the homeowners while still living up to the elegant design of Pine Lake Manor. From a heated driveway and floors to a dog washing station, this garage has something for every member of the family.


Key Utilities and Automated Features

The garage and Pine Lake Manor includes hot and cold water spigots for indoor and outdoor water needs, app controlled overhead doors, a security system, app controlled heat and lighting, and a heated driveway. From the harsh cold of Wisconsin winters to the heat of lake-side summers, this garage is designed to maintain the perfect temperature for storage, vehicles, and chores. The floors are custom coated and include floor drains to accommodate for any water and the dog washing station. A series of windows also help to add natural light to the space.


Pet-Focused Design

The owners of Pine Lake Manor treat their pets just like loved ones and wanted to make sure they have all the amenities they need. From the special cat-themed storage and feeding area in the mudroom to the custom dog washing station in the garage, the pets at this home get to live their best life.

The mudroom, adjacent to the entry to the garage includes custom built-in storage, benches, and a series of lockers. The cabinets are made extra special for their cats. A custom, cat-cutout entry way into the cabinets are the perfect place to tuck the litter boxes away for the cats’ privacy. A food and water station are also thoughtfully placed on the counter, out of reach for their dog. The guest laundry also features a double-dutch door and was specially designed as a space for the owners’ dog. We created a custom table to house their food, water, and a bed that acts as a luxuriously comfortable and tasteful kennel. This, in combination with the double-dutch door allows the dog to be a part of the action while also having a space of their very own.

The owners also worked with our team to create a custom pet washing station in the garage. The pet bath and shower station has a set of stairs that pull out from the front to help pets walk up into the main bath area. Finished with gray subway tile, a white shower pan, and a hand held sprayer fixture, this bathing station is the perfect addition for these pets loving home owners.





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